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Click the Ohio Attorney General Seal to download the CCW Manual. You should read this publication prior to attending the CCW Class.
Things to bring to the CCW Class:
-Your handgun. Unloaded of course. Magazines or Speed-loaders.
-50-100 rounds of ammo. We do a lot of shooting!
-Belt and holster. Don't rush out and buy these if you don't have them. Our instructors have a collection of gear that they will lend to you for the class.
-Safety glasses (prescription eyeglasses with plastic lenses will suffice).
-Hearing protection. Disposable earplugs will be provided if you don't have your own hearing protection device.
-Ball cap. Brass will by flying on the firing line. A cap with a good bill will deflect errant brass.
-Click the Ohio Attorney General Link below to download and read the Ohio AG CCW Manual before class.
After a good day at the range!
For concealed carry, you will need a good leather belt and a good holster. Below are a few product links used by the webmaster. These links are provided as an aid in your decision making and should not be considered an endorsement by the Toronto Rod and Gun Club, Inc.

CCW Class     April 6 2019
CCW class is planned for April 6th
from 8-4 at the club. Cost is $60.00
To register, call Matt Smith at 740-381-5149. Will need:
Eye and ear protection; 50+ rounds of ammo; firearm +
magazine; cleaning supplies for your firearm; bandaids or
medical tape; suitable weather gear; bag lunch and pen or